• F & B

    BANG!MARTABAK is one of our Brands that serves Indonesian street food Martabak, it stand under the auspice of PT. Industri Kreatif Berkarya.

    Kampoeng Bangka Restaurant is also on of our F & B brands, they serves various Traditional Bangka & Thai food. They operates under the auspice of PT. F 200


    FHOTEL JAKARTA is a budget Hotel that operates under the auspice of PT. F 200.

    THE EYES VILLA BALI honestly it is located in Bali.


    VILLAPADI JAGAKARSA Villapadi is Fine Residence for a living, had a modern environtment mixed with Green living styles in the middle of Jakarta City. They are under the auspice of PT. MF Bumi Sriwijaya


    SST operates under the auspices of PT. Sistem Telekomunikasi Terpadu . PT. Sistem Telekomunikasi Terpadu to meet the rapid growing of construction and telecommunication business in Indonesia.

    GTI operates under the auspices of PT. Global Telekomunikasi Integrasi . "GTI's Positions to be reliable and trusted partner to industries that inquires telecommunication, information technology and industrial automation in local way but with global strategy in technology, trend, and implementation.

    MSS operates under the auspices of PT. Mufti Sarana Suplindo . If you looking for Telecommunications supplier, they are the right guys you need.


  • e-Commerce Division
    Stay Tuned

    Because today is the day that future forced to come closer with our minds. We need to break the walls that imprison our creativity, entangled our feet to get instant access to everything by the help from technology.

    It is become our consideration to catch the arrow that strafe to the future, so with no hesitation we build our own unique eCommerce to fit in the market, and drain the water from the cloud.